App Manager Release notes

Do you need a “remote controller” for your APP?
The App manager has been made specially to handle this.

This feature will allow you to manage your app directly from your mobile phone, without accessing the backend of your CMS.

What are the benefits of the App Manager feature?

1. Send out push notifications directly from your phone.
2. Add pictures directly from the mobile camera and manage the Image feature.
3. Add, remove and modify your Coupons within the Coupons feature.
4. Add, remove and modify Events in your App Calendar.
5. Add, remove and modify News in your Social Wall Feature.
6. See the last statistics of your App.
and more features to come.


Release Notes

Update 2.5.4 – Fixes: the uninstalled and newly installed device chart labels

Update 2.5.3 – Fixes: the issue of the news save button is disabled after uploading the image.

Update 2.5.2 – Fixes: the issue of news and other features not working on iOS

Update 2.5.1 – Fixes specific push and scroll issues on ios

Update 2.3.4 – Added the responsive grids to the owner’s end

New Features
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