Commercepro Release Notes

The Commerce pro feature is a new, independent, and enhanced version of our first commerce feature.


Releases and Change Logs

01 May 2024 v7.3.27

  • You can now have the ability to enable or disable push notifications directly from the editor side, giving you greater control over your app’s communication with users.
  • We have made changes to support the latest source code, ensuring compatibility.
  • We have resolved a mobile field validation issue on the signup screen when placing an order without logging in.
  • The bug that occurred after sorting products on the editor side has been fixed.

01 February 2023 v7.3.9

  • Fixed bug: discount amount not getting deducted from total
  • Discount codes with no validity date will be accepted
  • Now Payment method Paypal will work with additional/seasonal/age rate charges
  • Fixed bug on cart screen when booking with multiple days for products with Format
  • Fixed bug on booking pro cart when placing an order for a product having sale price with discount code

23 November 2022 v7.3.5

  • Now cart will reflect the product’s updated price if the item price is updated by the editor after the user added it to the cart.
  •  Based on the set, showing distances as Km or Miles

9 November 2022 v7.3.4

  • Fixed the issue of not showing user notes in case of orders placed via online payment methods
  •  Fixed issue in Stripe Payment method related to subscription

2nd September 2022 v7.2.85

  • Handled text overlapping in case of long product title & format in order PDF. Now it will be showing format in the next line.
  • Also, PDF can be multipage to accommodate all info if too many products in an order

24th August 2022 v7.2.83

  • Corrected bug of showing 3 Decimal Point in Delivery charge

2nd August 2022 V7.2.80

  • Added Product sorting


17th September 2021 7.2.56

— Added Product Reviews functionality

— Added WhatsApp Order – Option to Send Order to WhatsApp after user completes checkout flow.

— Added Geolocation for Store  – store Edit page allows you to add geo location of stores, some country was having issue with pointing out exact location with full address
— Geolocation for customer address can be enabled from settings tab, this allows user to select geolocation for delivery in checkout process.


– product price is not showing/cropped when product picture are hidden.

  • Translation fix for Order status and few more string include this sentence Product $1’s available stock is $1. Please remove $3 quantity to continue.
  • Horizontal scroll on categories for store list page fixed [iOS issue ]
  • No strike on Original price when Sale price is enabled – fixed
  • Confirmation email Application name should start with capital letter
  • Delivery Radius issue fixed
  • time delay increased while typing discount code

22nd July 2021 7.2.49

  • Checkbox to autofill delivery and invoice address if same
  • On editor side, when editing customer info/delivery address of the order then it will not change the customer’s profile/account data instead those changes will be saved only for that particular order
  • Now address of a store linked to google-maps-navigation
  • Now ‘Taxes in Price’ settings will be reflected on sale price at all places
  • Fixed bug: Product Options modal not closing
  • Fixed bug: Now showing “Prices From” on Product Options modal
  • Added translations for order email subject & Product option modal ‘Add to cart’ button
  • When location in store view is disabled , hide location icon etc [UI fix ]
  • Printer receipt format setting added
  • Skip Cart Page option added


5th May 2021 7.2.44

  • Sale price feature added, can be enabled from settings page
  • Show Product detail in Previewer from Order detail page link [Editor Side]
  • Make delivery and invoicing address optional from Admin Editor side to handle hidden/optional scenarios
  • UI fixes when category/product list has more data and it was causing issue for last row
  • Bug fix for incorrect amount in order detail page for some scenario

15 April 2021 v7.2.40

  • In the shop profile there should be a button with (i), when you click it opens a popup or a page (which is better) where you can set all information about the shop, such as links, texts, headings. You should be able to do this via an editor, as with the description of products
  • Supports external links in store additional info
  • Search by Sku in store list page
  • Enable / Disable Product Images
  • Disable Location Settings – if disabled location is not fetched in store list page for better performance
  • Store Edit page , validation error fixed for no delivery method
  • E-mail order does not have the Order Number
  • Translation for days of the week and store category ,pickup dates etc
  • Work In progress –
    Product reviews , it’s partially released but front end side code is still to be done
    pick up & delivery filter at app side


03 Nov 2020 v7.1.85

Bugs and Enhancements

  • [Editor] – Store List Tabs- Show one message to display no of stores in draft status ex You have 20 stores in draft status. [add in translation file too]
  • [Editor] After editing store- store name is remed from list of store
  • [App Side ] When you Chat with a business owner, it doesn’t display their name at the top of the page. It only shows the Chat icon.
  • Add Settings to hide price from products page to use commerce pro as catalog
  • CONTACT INFO ON STORE PAGES – The Store Pages don’t display contact information (Email & Phone No). , please show email and phone no on store detail page
  • Image dimensions issue resolved across all the view design formats


12 Feb 2021 – v7.2.20

— Enable SKU’s for Products – it allow you to enter product skus and if added will display on cart/order page etc

— Admin Notes – Now admin can add order notes which will be visible to user in order history section.

— Order Success Message – Now you can customise order success message from settings tab and user needs to click ok after reading message, it will be good to display important order related info or have personalised greetings based on business needs.

— Bank Transfer added – Now you publish Bank transfer related info to the users in checkout process, it is addition to Cash and can change the label to use it for prepaid cards or other information publishing related purposes.

— Skip Delivery or Payment Page – In case you don’t want your users to ask delivery method or payment method , then don’t select any option in store edit page and related page will skipped for use while doing checkout. This is useful when you want faster checkout without in some cases.

Bug Fixes

  • Copy changes in pdf file that sent to printers via email
  • Payment gateway settings save related issue fixed
  • Random duplicate order email trigger issue fixed
  • Capturing wrong delivery time issue for ios fixed
  • Some translation related issue fixed
  • minor UI related issue fixed
New Features
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