Attendance Feature Release Note

Changelog 2.2.0

– Export CSV is working fine
– Date Locale issues

Changelog 2.1.0

– Possibility to add option for multiple services/companies within on app

Changelog 2.0.1

– Display QR check in note

Changelog 2.0.0

– QR scan check In and check Out
– Select project when check In
– Control all the features from editor

Changelog 1.1.1

We have implemented following features in attendance module :

– Now added APP Admin send messages to any Staff
– Search user and send a messages to him/her

Changelog 1.1.0

We have implemented following features in attendance module :

– Display Attendance Days

– Make it so that the App User can see their attendance days in the app.

Currently, there is no way for the App User to see which days that he/she checked-in.

Likewise for the Leaves days taken.

– Date Format Setting

– Have a toggle in the Settings that enable the App Admin to select the date format.

For example: DD-MM-YYYY or MM-DD-YYYY.

This may seem minor but in the US this would be a big deal to clients.

New Features
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