Cabride Release Notes

VERSION 5.1.0 – MAY 1, 2024

  • The module push core has been updated to work with the latest source code, OneSignal, and PHP 8.2, ensuring compatibility and performance.
  • We have added more notification options via email and SMS, keeping your customers informed and engaged. (SMS notifications require a Twilio account and a valid SMS number, and Twilio fees apply.)
  • Stripe has been updated to run smoothly with PHP 8.2.
  • Driver licence, vehicle model, and vehicle plate information are now included in the request details, providing you with more comprehensive data.

VERSION 4.1.2 – OCTOBER 7, 2022


Fixes incorrect display of the error messages when saving vehicle information!

VERSION 3.2.1 – OCTOBER 8, 2021


Websocket API not responding on all servers due to the Let’s Encrypt root certificate expiration.

CabrideService class not correctly loading.

VERSION 3.0.4 – SEPTEMBER 7, 2021


Backoffice page not loading correctly due to javascript memory leak.

VERSION 3.0.3 – AUGUST 4, 2021


Backoffice live log not loading.




Allows to set a default number of seats, 0 will also ensure user have defined the number of seats.
Allows admin to set a custom taxi icon, image must be a valid SVG string.
Number of seats not correctly checked to find drivers
Fixes course destination address not correctly saved, the text used was the pickup address.

VERSION 3.0.1 – JULY 26, 2021


Adds a tour mode:

– Pricing is set base on duration.

– Only pickup address is required.

Adds number seats option for both courses & tours:

– Vehicle & drivers can set their maximum number of seats.

– Extra pricing can be set for every seat after the first one (first one pricing is the base fare).


Requires the user to select at least one vehicle type before validating a request.

VERSION 2.1.2 – SEP. 22, 2020


Fixes missing user translations on the mobile side.

VERSION 2.1.1 – SEP. 17, 2020


Fixes translations not always overriding the default ones.

VERSION 2.1.0 – SEP. 11, 2020


Fixes driver/client mobile numbers mixed on call actions.

VERSION 2.0.3 – SEP. 10, 2020


Moves customer & driver mobile fields outside the module (see: 4.19.3 update).

VERSION 2.0.2 – SEP. 8, 2020


Fixes an issue where english translations displayed twice on the table.

VERSION 2.0.1 – SEP. 4, 2020


Fixes a random issue where drivers were not able to receive the new drive request push notification.

Adds missing translations & removes Cabride from the editor admin page titles to meet whitelabel requirements.

VERSION 2.0.0 – SEP. 1, 2020


Adds an action to notify the passenger when the driver is at the pickup point.

Adds a new settings page to edit the module translations, allowing to make very unique apps.

Adds a new option to link against an existing Places feature to display POI (Points of Interest) on the Cabride map.

Adds a new option to automatically generate Payouts & Cash returns for every week or month, default remains to disabled and requires manual generation/export like before the update.

Adds the mobile phone number on the registration page for passengers.

VERSION 1.7.2 – JAN. 6, 2020


Fixes local notification crashing on some Android versions.

VERSION 1.7.0 – 1.7.1 – DEC. 30, 2019


Fixes a conflict with the module Enterprise Payment if installed, StripeJS library is too old.

Fixes GPS & location being disabled when app is on background, adding a indicator to re-enable the Location service.


Disables phone sleep while driver is online.

Adds customizable form on the vehicle type selection modal to fetch more information about a ride.

Shows custom form fields in the ride details page.

VERSION 1.6.2 – JUL. 12, 2019


Fixes contextual menu not opening on all pages when not using layout_taxi.

VERSION 1.6.1 – JUL. 11, 2019


Fixes backoffice save & restart action.

Fixes config not using the correct domain.

Fixes side menu with Layout Taxi & Contextual Menu.

Fixes is_deleted column leading to data loss, renamed is_removed.


Adds auto-reconnect rules for the WebSocket.

Adds websocket live log preview in the Backoffice.

Allows unsupported Stripe currencies to work with cash only.

VERSION 1.5.1 – MAY 23, 2019


Fixes an issue with PHP 7.0+ and float values being NaN (Not A Number).

VERSION 1.5.0 – MAY 22, 2019


Fixes timezone & time shifting issues.

Fixes push notifications registration & sending.

Fixes passenger payment history, when a user removed a credit card, associated payments vanished from the history.

Improved pages content and auto-refresh on status changes.

Allows cancel course at more steps, with reasons & message.


Adds rating to courses, with 5 star note & message.

Adds new statistics on the ride dashboard, average distance, duration, fare & rating.

Adds average rating for each driver on the Admin dashboard.

Adds local notifications coupled to modals when the App is in foreground.

Adds options to customize menu header background.

Adds options to customize passenger & driver icon on homepage.

VERSION 1.4.2 – APR. 29, 2019


Fixes loading screen not hiding until user logs in.

VERSION 1.4.0 – APR. 17, 2019


Adds a new timezone setting to fix time shifting & course expiration.

– Note: set your timezone after the update, the default is UTC.

VERSION 1.3.0 – APR. 3, 2019


Adds map center field in settings page, leave blank = center on user location, fill with an address = center on the address.

Adds a new commission mode Mixed you can set both a fixed & percentage fees.

Prevents commission amount to be higher than the course total.

Adds currents commission settings in the Vehicle information page (driver) if enabled.


Fixes dashboard date sorting.

VERSION 1.2.0 – MAR. 26, 2019


Adds a new page in Backoffice > Manage > Modules > Cabride with more settings for the websocket server.

– Auth type: choose HTTP Basic or Bearer token, some admin panels do not support/allow HTTP Basic.

– WebSocket port: use any other available open/port if 37000 is not available.


Fixes payments & drivers pages not loading when settings were not saved.



Please find out more about this feature on our helpdesk.

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