Community Feature Release Notes

22nd November 2022 – v1.20.23

  • Allowed adding/Editing Group Icons to each group
  •  Admin can upload photos while adding/editing group
  • The added photo will be visible on the app side wherever the group name is displayed

2nd August 2022 – v1.20.18

  • Fixed bug in saving account fields when editing profile
  • Improved designs/animations
  • added translation for page title “Others like me”

1st July 2022 – v1.20.17

  • Bug Fixes

14th June 2022 – v1.20.16

  • Added delete profile option at editor side
  • Added Report Tab at editor side
  • Added one more setting “Show Profile on Match Results Page” in Settings Tab


4th May 2022 – v1.20.14

  • Added Search option to search profiles by name & email
  • Bug fixes
New Features
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