Journals Feature Release Notes

27th Feb 2023 v2.1.12

  • Fixed the issue of categories not showing up on the editor side for newly added Journals

21st Sept 2022 v2.1.10

  • – Added ‘admin report emails’ in the editor settings tab for reports & moderation
  • Add tab ‘Reported Messages’ to show all the note/comment reportings on which admin can take actions (clear report & discard note/comment)
  •  Added a few missing translations

27th Apr 2021 v1.19

  • Private Journals – By default Journals are marked “Private” by default. This setting isn’t good for most use-cases. Please add a Toggle in the Admin Settings that enables the App Admin to Enable/Disable Journals as Private by default.
  • “Write Your Message” Translation – In the Admin Settings, please add a translation field for “Write Your Message”. This one is missing.

15th Apr 2021 v1.17

– Push notification added with various settings at both admin and app users site
– Post reloading issue on scroll
– Scroll design issue on IOS fixed

Journals Feature Release Notes
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