Realtime Chat Release Notes

We have built this feature to enable the creating of your own complete chat app, or add a chat system into your app.


  • Create public chatrooms and let your users create their own private chatrooms to chat with each other
  • Send text and image messages
  • Add friends, block / unblock users

Release Notes

VERSION 2.1.2 – OCTOBER 12, 2021


– Fixes blocked users list empty in the profile modal.

VERSION 2.1.1 – AUGUST 6, 2021


– Fixes image upload not working.

VERSION 2.1.0 – JUNE 30, 2021


– Fixes nickname field not correctly displayed on my account when app uses chatrooms.


– Adds a user-to-user blocking option, anyone can block with immediate effect any other user.

VERSION 2.0.0 – JUNE 24, 2021

FIXES SocketIO 2.1.0

– Fixes a communication issue on some servers with HTTP/2 enabled.


– Enforces the use of local node_64 binary, removing issues with paths in some cases (ie: migrations, backup, restore, etc…).


– Adds new UI option for design, card or list.

– Adds in app link to the chat feature.

Updated to  1.12.3 – 23rd April, 2021

  • Fixes a database not correctly being altered if the module was previously installed, affecting dates
Update to 1.12.1 – 22nd April, 2021
  • Fixes date & time shifting issues, note: will only apply to newly created messages. Require republication for this to take affect.
  • Removes limits on nicknames
  • utf-16 characters (cyrillic, arabic, etc…) are now correctly supported.

Updated to 1.12.0 – 10th April, 2021

  • Fixes incorrect character encoding with cyrillic/utf-16 locales (requires republish)
New Features
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