Release Notes v5.0.10

We are excited to share with you the recent upgrades and improvements we have made to our mobile app platform. This significant update brings a range of changes, additions, and fixes designed to enhance your experience and improve the app’s overall functionality.

Key highlights of the update include:

  • Migration of push notifications to the OneSignal SDK for more efficient and reliable updates
  • Early support for OneSignal’s geolocation feature, enabling targeted notifications based on location in the future
  • Improved customer update speed after login/registration for a seamless user experience
  • Resolution of various issues, such as iOS splash screen, push feature not opening correctly in the editor, and app crashes related to OneSignal configuration
  • Updates to the app’s native code for better support of the latest Android and iOS versions, as well as the most recent AdMob and Mediation Facebook/StartApp SDKs
  • Design enhancements to the editor, featuring smoother lines and a more polished look
  • Addition of a 10px margin on all safe areas for iOS devices to ensure proper content display and accessibility
  • Implementation of important security updates to prevent unauthorised access and protect your data
Release Notes v5.0.10
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